Don’t redesign your Shopify store, Rescue It.

Turn your Shopify store into a revenue generating machine for your Ashburn business.

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Let Us Fix Your Shopify Store & Grow Your Business

Tell me if this sounds familiar— You have a website. It's not terribly broken. It works...technically. It's fine, I guess... It's just a little old. You're worried because it's not bringing in customers, leads, or sales the way it used to. You can tell it's no longer up to date and you are falling behind your competitors. People are complaining to you that the site is slow and takes too long to load, and you can see the costs of that in your sales.

This is not your expertise. You know you need to make a change, but you can't put your finger on what. Your failing website also means you don't have the money for a pricey redesign or to engage a technical expert in months of work. You need someone to give it an emergency rescue. Fast.

If the above sounds familiar, it's time to restore your website and your business.

Tripled revenue for Everest Bands

When Everest Bands, makers of fine replacement Rolex straps, came to us, they had invested a boatload of cash into a marketing campaign, redesigned their site, and suddenly discovered that their conversion rate collapsed. Analyzing their sales funnel, it became clear that customers were adding items to cart but never reaching checkout.

We needed to act fast and gain quick wins. Look for problems, apply best practices, and make educated fixes. After several simple changes, we ended up with an immediate 133% boost in conversions, and after six months working together, we tripled their revenue.

Michael's headshot

“After Kurt and his team organized a very large list of items, they quickly went to work on fixing those issues and many more. Ethercycle was affordable, great to work with and quite frankly, nice. They didn't talk down to me or talk over me. Instead they mapped a great plan for our website's success and I intend to use them to keep helping us sell more product.”
— Michael DiMartini, Everest Horology Products

Turn Your Shopify Store Into A Revenue Generating Machine

In one week we can diagnose the problems with your site, fix them, and boost your conversions, for 1/20th the cost of a typical redesign. Sound too good to be true? It's not.

Rather than starting from scratch with a new website, we make dozens of small fixes to your existing Shopify theme. While no one change is major, all of those changes combined make a big impact on your users' behavior and subsequently your bottom line. Your website gets a performance makeover and a design facelift, and it's all over in seven days. Think of us like a Navy SEAL Team for your business. (Minus the helicopters.)

A typical website rescue will see 30—40 changes aimed at improving your site's performance, usability, SEO, and design. Some examples include:

  1. Optimizing images for faster load times
  2. Auditing content and meta tags to boost SEO
  3. Adding white space to allow content to breathe
  4. Removing distracting elements
  5. Adding or rewriting calls to action
  6. Adding trust signals for credibility
  7. Improving readability
  8. Updating layouts to focus attention
  9. Suggesting new headlines and tag lines
  10. and even proofreading
  11. but most importantly: you're getting a better business
Bandon Dunes

65% revenue boost for Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

The team at Bandon Dunes approached Ethercycle to redesign their already successful ecommerce store in to a goal-smashing channel for the brand. We knew we'd have to upgrade both the site's appearance to better integrate with the brand and improve the user experience all while subtly using design queues to encourage purchases. The outcome was an immediate boost in both average order value and unique purchases, resulting in a 65% revenue increase.

“Working with Kurt has been a great experience. He and his team are straightforward to collaborate with, and provided excellent support throughout development and after launch. We entered the project with the goal of improving mobile and tablet conversion rates to increase overall revenue per month. We recently had our single biggest sales day ever on following an email blast we sent promoting Father's Day (we sold $XX,000+ that day) and June has been off the charts good for us. Thanks for your help!”
— Chris Keiser, Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Here's what we'll do together...

Achieve Maximum ROI

We want you to get the maximum return for each dollar you invest in your Shopify store. A website rescue will cost you $3,980 flat. No hidden fees, no variable rates. Just a dramatic ROI for you and equitable compensation for me. To further reduce your risk, if your website's bounce rate hasn't improved 30 days after our redesign, we'll revise it until it does. That’s our 30-Day Website Performance Guarantee.

Here's what we'll be collaborating together on for your Shopify store:

  1. Initial on-boarding session to discuss your goals
  2. Website audit to identify issues holding you back
  3. Implementation of fixes, optimization tweaks, and quick wins
  4. A report of all changes made
  5. Periodic follow-ups over the next 12 months to check on your progress.

If you're doubtful, you can read dozens of positive testimonials from happy Shopify store owners on our Shopify Experts page. It'll give you a range of businesses and examples that we've worked with. And if you're still not convinced that we're the best at what we do, I want you to ask any one of them about me.

Do I sound overly confident? Maybe, but we literally wrote the book on this stuff. It's called, 'Ecommerce Bootcamp,' a how-to guide for building a strong, durable Shopify store. Based on experience from real Shopify stores, it's packed with actionable advice on building a 7-figure Shopify business. (And because we focus on automation tools you can balance it with an awesome, well-lived life.)

Increased sales by $2 million for THMotorsports

THMotorsports is a 10 year veteran of the automotive performance industry. They tapped us to revitalize their aging web design while maintaining the brand's legacy. (Having recently made it to the Inc.5000 list, receiving a boost in conversion couldn't hurt either.) We started by redesigning the sites's navigation based on analytics research, then moved on to building a vehicle-centric architecture that allowed anyone to easily navigate the site's thousands of products with ease. The results: a stunning sales bump of $2 million.

“I absolutely love Ethercycle's work. I am so glad the stars aligned and we went with them. They can almost read minds when it comes to creative direction. They rock!”
— Edward Lichstein, THMotorsports

Ready To Get The Most Out Of Your Store?

We only commit to a few projects at a time. This lets us offer the highest level of service possible while maintaining quick turn-arounds. We have availability for three new clients. If you're one of those few clients, we want to make sure you get the best possible results out of our relationship. While we'd like to think we can do that for everyone, there are a few projects that won't benefit from our process. You'll get the most out of working with us if:

  1. You want someone to communicate openly and honestly with you.
  2. You let your business goals and audience expectations drive design.
  3. You aren't interested in micro-managing design.

If you're looking for a team who will take care of all design decisions for you, removing the stress of web design from your life entirely, then we'll work well together. When I say, "we," I do mean you and me. I'll be your project manager, and you'll work directly and exclusively with me, start to finish.

It's okay to say no. We're not for everybody. But if you do see a fit, message me, and we'll set up a time to discuss the details of your project.



Kurt Elster, MBA
Senior Ecommerce Consultant at Ethercycle, Co-Host of The Unofficial Shopify Podcast, and Author of Ecommerce Bootcamp.

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“Before we talk, I have a few questions…”

What will you do exactly?
The first step to every Website Rescue is simple: I walk through a store and try to buy something. I write down every single thing that creates any friction at all for me buying the product. Every pain point, point of confusion, barrier to entry, objection, and eyebrow-raising or frustrating thing. Solving just those problems can be enough to double a site's conversion rates.
What if I want revisions on my Website Rescue?
We expect that you'll want to tweak your store when we're done, so every Website Rescue includes one round of revisions.
How do you know you can boost my conversion rate?
We've worked on 100+ Shopify stores, and will use a store similar to yours as a benchmark. If we can't come up with at least 25 ways to improve your store, we won't take on the project.
Is my business a good fit for Website Rescues?
If you have a Shopify store with at least 100 daily visitors, and want to give them a better experience that results in more sales, then you're probably a good fit. In our first call together, we'll explore it.
My store is already optimized, but I want to make more money, what else can we do?
My number one most powerful tool for optimizing a Shopify store is customer surveys. Customer development is a proven approach to drive decisions and develop new insights into why customers buy. Learn more.
Can I pick your brain?
Sure can. I can help guide your next project toward success with either a one-time road mapping session or ongoing Executive Coaching.
What if I need help with small, one-time tasks?
We offer warrantied work for $199/hour with no project minimums. And if you find yourself consistently using our hourly services, we offer discounted monthly retainer agreements as well.
I have a bigger project, can you help me?
Yep. Email Kurt directly and we can talk about your larger Shopify project.
Do you work with non-Shopify stores?
No, our 3-man team is focused exclusively on Shopify because it's where we achieve the best results.
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